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We created HackHive because we wanted to see what people were creating across the internet. An engaging codepen animation, intense AI exploration, beginner’s data science project - any project has the potential to inspire.

We’d love to see developers from across the world, across fields, across platforms, connecting on HackHive to support each other, collaborate, and build awesome new things.

Do we have a ways to go? Sure. But hackers can dream!

We do know that HackHive will only ever be as interesting as the projects and people on it, & that interesting is expansive. It’s a wide web, after all! If you have something you want to share, share it!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why not just make my own site?
If you can, you totally should! They’re awesome ways to showcase skill and personality. However, if you want a landing project landing page fast, especially with quick photo and video support, HackHive might be able to help you out. You can also allow other HackHive members to discover your project and give feedback!

Make a personal site, and post it on HackHive ;)
How is this different than GitHub?
It’s supplementary! While we highly encourage links to GitHub, code and readmes can be difficult avenues for quickly understanding a project - espcially for non-technical folks.

We aim for HackHive to be a quick way to see what developers across of the web are up to, with an emphasis on interactivity and visuals. A picture is worth a thousand words (or an explanatory video == 1000 lines of code??), after all!
I’m a developer, but not for web apps.
Is HackHive still for me?
Heck yeah! Although we love live-linking to projects, you can definitely still create a project even if it’s not online. To help others understand it, though, we recommend creating a quick video or image series to help show how your project works.